RR-CQLR 1-4x24mm with Rapid Ranging - PFI Tactical Series



  • 1-4x24mm with Rapid Ranging
  • Nitrogen filled one piece 30mm diameter 6061 T6 aluminum tube with matte black anodized finish
  • Shock, fog, and water proof multi-coated lenses
  • First focal plane reticle to allow for accurate shooting throughout power range without manual adjustment
  • Positive ¼ MOA windage and elevation clicks on the low profile target type knobs with reset to zero feature.
  • Illumination Power: 2032 lithium 3V button battery
  • Battery life: 9 days @ full power
  • Weight (oz.): 17.29
  • Length (inch): 10.24
  • Eye Relief (mm): 97 @ 1x 94 @ 4x
  • Eye Relief (inch): 3.81 @ 1x 3.74 @ 4x
  • Field of View (feet@100 yds): 97.48 @ 1x 24.14 @ 4x
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 13.1 @ 1x 6 @ 4x
  • Temperature Operating Range: 70C to -17C


  • .308 Winchester Sierra 175 gr. match king B.C. .505 @ 2600 fps
  • .308 Winchester Sierra 168 gr. match king B.C. .462 @ 2700
  • 7.62 NATO 147 gr. FMJ BT B.C. .401 @ 2800 fps
  • 6.5x55 Swedish Sierra 6.5 140 gr. SBT B.C. .495 @ 2600 fps
  • 7-08 RemingtonSierra .284 168 gr. Match King B.C. .488 @ 2600 fps
  • .223 Remington Hornaday .224, 75-gr. A-MAX B.C. .440 @ 2700 fps
  • 5.56 NATO, 55/62/77 gr. (out to 600 yards)

NOTE: The list of ammunition and ballistic coefficients above are examples for use with our calibrated reticles. Other ammunition can be used that produce similar ballistic coefficients.

Owners Manual


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RR-CQLR-1 (1-4x24mm) with Rapid Ranging

Truly innovative and functional, the RR-CQLR-1 "Force Multiplier" scope system is calibrated for the .223 Remington (5.56 NATO), .308 Winchester (7.62 NATO), .30AR, and other ammunition with similar ballistic coefficients. Once zeroed, shooting from zero to 600 yards becomes possible without manual adjustments and allows for windage corrections up to 10 miles per hour.

The illumination feature allows shooters to sight targets in low light conditions. There is also an integrated Rapid Ranging system within the reticle that allows for instant ranging of targets using ranging brackets for targets 9" in diameter. If it fits, it will hit! Also, on 1x magnification the sight becomes a reflex sight for CQB with zero distortion. The quality and performance of this scope system has been highly rated by military and police shooters who have field tested the system, both on the range and in combat, the ultimate testing bed.

MSRP $1299.99



Publisher Review
California draws visitors from all over the world. Some come for the wine. Others come for the sun. Many come to see what has been described by such literary luminaries as Jack London and John Steinbeck. It was Steinbeck Country (the Duckworth family, depicted under a pseudonym in The Grapes of Wrath, has a family graveyard and ranch just down the way) that a production team from Finland’s JIM TV had come to film an episode of AMERICAN FOOD BATTLE. The main ingredient was to be the well-known feral hog of California.

American Cop Magazine, December 2011
Publisher Review
I used this Pride-Fowler Action-4 Quad Reticle Illuminated Reflex extensively in snap-shooting and speed drills. It gives you the choice of four reticles, 11 levels of red-light intensity, and the usual Pride-Fowler high-clarity glass in a 33mm tough T6 tube. It performed beautifully, and you’ll be readingmore about it in future issues. Any factor, which can raise your confidence in a fraction of a second that you’re still on a valid target, is of inestimable worth.

Guns Magazine, October 2011
Publisher Review
The Rapid Reticle Illuminated by Pride-Fowler Inc. boasts crystalclear brightness and one of the fastest reticles ever devised. Calibrated for both 5.56mm and .308 Win, it virtually eliminates manual adjustments for range and windage to 10 mph, and its 3-sided boxes, enclosing about 9 pounds—the size of a human head— make range estimation fast and easy. Quality is superior and handling is simple under stress.

Special Weapons Magazine, August 2010
Publisher Review
The Rapid Reticle makes it easy for anyone to shoot accurately from close to long range, simply by lining up the numbers and firing. Pride further noted, "It is a simple body, it does not look fancy and the reset target turrets are a nice touch. The scope uses high quality glass from Light Optical, who is the Zeiss of Japan. We came in at a price point of around $1,200 dollars - that's not too bad for the high quality we are offering. Any other scope and you are talking, $1,600 -$2,500 dollars." The scope was designed

Guns Magazine, February 2011
Publisher Review
Coincidentally, with the arrival ofthe R-15 Hunter, I received a brand new concept scope designed and marketed by Pride-Fowler, Inc. Pride-Fowler represents the combined thinking and optic designs of two world-class shooting champions, John Pride and Mickey Fowler. Their specialties are high-quality scopes with trajectory and windage calibrated reticles placed in the first focal plane. They call their lines “Rapid Reticle,” and indeed they are. Once you’ve determined the range, all you do is place the numbered aiming point on target and squeeze. I’ve used the Rapid Reticle models in every caliber from .17 HMR to .300 Win Mag, and I can recommend them highly—impressive optics, precision made, tough and affordable.

American Cop Magazine Web Blast, January 2011
Publisher Review
Snap-shooting and speed drills were run using Pride-Fowler Industries’ M-68 Auto Reflex Sighting System, aka “Special Ops Auto Sight,” a red-dot unmagnified LED electronic sight. I’m not a fan of the mini-micro red dots currently fashionable, especially on socially serious weapons. I don’t want to have to visually search for my sight. I don’t care for sleek, super-low mounts either, because the head-to-weapon position required blocks out too much of my field of view. I prefer a large-diameter tube set high to facilitate heads-up, both-eyes-open full-field sighting, particularly during movement and engaging multiple rapid-appearance targets. The M-68 is perfect for my needs, and maybe yours too.

www.Tactical-Life.com, April 2009
Publisher Review
Designed by Pride-Fowler, Inc., the RR-CQLR-1 provides a precise aim regardless of the power or magnification settings. The scope features a convenient fast-focus eyepiece adjustment and multi-coated lenses that reduce reflections and provide a clearer image of the target. The reticle is aligned in the first focal plane, keeping the reticle and target in the same proportion in any magnification. The RR-CQLR-1 is easily adjusted horizontally for windage and vertically for elevation with positive ¼ Minute of Angle (M.O.A) clicks on the low-profile, target-type knobs allowing the shooter to quickly compensate for crosswinds. Any changes made can be reset back to zero by simply clicking a button.



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